Our Story

Located inside the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the iconic Indian Pueblo Kitchen offers guests an unforgettable Indigenous dining experience that showcases our creative, Native American culinary artistry and celebrated Pueblo hospitality.

Indian Pueblo Kitchen is owned and operated by New Mexico’s 19 Pueblos and proudly features the flavors of our Native communities in homemade stews, fresh breads, bakery items and savory sauces. Our creations are inspired by historical Pueblo traditions and recipes and utilize ingredients such as red and green chile, blue corn and our harvest of fresh local produce and spices.

At IPK, each dish is prepared with care by a team of Pueblo heritage. Our staff’s culinary talents, passion, and traditions are part of the rich cultural experience that guests from around the world enjoy when they visit the IPCC.

It’s a Pueblo feast for the soul.

Davida Becenti Executive Chef Indian Pueblo Kitchen

Davida Becenti
Executive Chef, Indian Pueblo Kitchen

Chef Davida Becenti is of Diné (Navajo) and Polynesian descent and served in the United States Marine Corps. She has worked in the culinary industry in a variety of positions for 26 years and did chef training through the University of Hawaii’s Kaua’i Culinary Arts Program.

Chef Davida believes that Indigenous cuisine is all about Mother Earth, as she nourishes human beings and all living things. Chef Davida is passionate about giving back—whether it’s helping troubled youth, supporting the LBGQT community, or fundraising for causes at her children’s school. She has that same kind of passion with her food, treating everyone for whom she cooks as a beloved family member. Chef Davida wants each dish to leave a lasting impression and is most proud when people say that their experience has been enriched by her cuisine.